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English Projects


Home Alone - a film project

In our class (7c) we had a project instead of regular English lessons : We shot our own films!

We had to make it all alone – writing our own scripts, then directing, filming and of course acting it out! Also our editors cut our footage, the composeres chose the music etc.

At the end of the project there we had wonderful results! Each of the groups had created a cool film.

And there was a surprise: We celebrated the Oscars in our class! The winning group got a real Oscar from Mrs Strehlow for their film "It's Party Time"!

"It's Party Time"
"Home Alone"
"The Unknown Murderer"
"Beautiful Dirty Rich"
"Crazy Girls Home Alone"
special bonus film
"The Game"
You can check our whole Vimeo.com page, with all films on it.
Our Vimeo.com-Page

YOU can vote too!!!

Which one is the best ?
It's Party Time
Home Alone
The Unknown Murderer
Beautiful Dirty Rich
Crazy Girls Home Alone
The Game

here is our logbook of this project

What would you do if you met your favorite star? - or just another grammar lesson?!

Monday, February 22th
We talked about the Oscars and our favourite film stars and what we would do if we met them! Well. We had many ideas. If I met Robert Pattinson I probably would kiss him.
Later we realized that we had learned the if-clause type II and we learned that it s a possible condition. It is possible to meet Robert? Yeah!!
Thuesday, February 23th
Is it likely to meet our favourite star? Probably not. Is it more likely to have a great summer break? Absolutely!
So we learned another if-clause (type 1) that shows a likely expression: If the weather is good we will have a great summer break.
Wednesday, February 24th
Florian asked what would happen if he met Michael Jackson – we protested because this is not even theoretically possible!
So we learned that you have to use yet a different if-clause: type III, there it is impossible because it is in the past. If Florian had met Michael Jackson he would have asked him for an autograph.
Then it was time to practise all of these new rules!


How we became movie stars and directors (pre-production)


Friday, February 26th 
In our book we read out loud some scenes from the play “Home Alone” and worked on how we should use our voice that it sounds convincing…. It was fun to use a very angry or happy voice. 
We discussed first wether we would act like the people in the play and then how we would put this play on stage.
Monday, March 1st
(2 lessons)
Who is needed in a movie production? We collected our ideas in a mind map.
We also learned about field sizes and camera angles – it is impressive how you can use them to manipulate the audience.
Surprise: We will shot our own film! We formed groups or film crews and assigned the jobs. (director, editor, composer … etc)
Thuesday, March 2nd
Wednesday, March 3rd
We worked on ideas for the film and the script (with the help of a few worksheets).
After that we developed the characters for the film and a story line. For some, that was harder than expected!

oh my Gosh - we'll actually shot soon .... 


Friday, March 5th
Final rehearsal for the film – already! Most of us had already learned their lines by heart. It was also time to check the costume and make-up…
Monday, March 8th
We finished the film shooting, as most of us had already filmed a lot of scenes on the weekend. It was pretty stressful –but also a lot of fun!

A field trip to the Humboldt University


Thuesday March 9th
Friday March 12th
The editors went to the Humboldt-University on two afternoons because they have a very modern, special media room for cutting films.
There we learned how to cut films, add music and write subtitles etc. It was very exciting to do this in a university.

How we became poets!


Week of March 15th -19
Because the cutting and editing took some time, we made sure NOT to forget all we learned about the if-clauses. We got a lovely poem called “Being around” written by a British student.
We then wrote our own poems and voted for the best ones. Here you can find some of them: “If I was loving you” by Franzi, “If I was lonely” by Orly, “If I was loving you” by Jana and “What if” by Levin and Marie.

Oscar Nominations

Monday, March 29th
Finally it is time for the celebration of the Oscars in our class!
We watched the films and voted for the “best film” as well as the best actor and actress. Polina and Katharina did a great job as our hostesses guiding us through the nomination. The best film even got a “real” Oscar
And there was another suprise! The two students who worked hardest in this project got a present! Franzi and Orly got real cinema tickets so they can continue their "studies" :)
We didn’t forget the people behind the scenes and also honored the best editor, composer, make-up artist etc. They got nice certificates!
In the end we discussed the films (language, performance, storyline etc).

our lovely hostesses                   the Oscar is handed out                      the winners of the special award

guiding us trough the                     for the best film                               for special dedication to the project


Special thanks from the whole class to Mrs Schleich and Mrs Hebecker and Mrs Strehlow!

Without you we never would have completed (and of course had) this project!

people involved: students of class 7c, interns: Mrs Schleich & Mrs Hebecker, English teacher: Ms Strehlow

text: Franzi, Jana,Orly and Mrs Strehlow

layout/ design: Levin and Mrs Strehlow